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As some of you will recall, on Saturday 5 May 2012 Midnight Magic was proud to present the Cardiff Beltaine Bash Spring Fayre, generously sponsored by RebelRebel, at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Some people said it couldn't be done, others said it shouldn't be done but we did it anyway - and had ourselves a wonderful time.

First of all, we have to say a very big "thank you" to the ladies and gentlemen of Cardiff Millennium Stadium. Their professionalism, attention to detail and just plain, simple friendliness is simply outstanding. Secondly, Rick and Tim of RebelRebel for all of their help with sponsorship and ticket sales were absolute gems. Thanks, guys!

The speakers, artists, crafters and merchants who made the event possible are, also, deserving of the highest possible praise. Barely an hour after a somewhat chilly sunrise, they began to arrive from all points of the compass and quickly and calmly transformed an empty room into a mini-bazzar of rare delights and wonderments. A lot of work goes into packing, transporting, setting up and, at the end of a day, reversing the whole process, yet these gentle, skillful people make it appear easy. Midnight Magic was mightily impressed!

Then, too, our attendees who arrived from near and far afield. Some came for the seminars while others were content to browse, chat and buy among the Arts and Crafts stalls. Many of them did both and consequently took away treasures and the richness of knowledge perhaps to inspire others, which would be a wonderful outcome, or perhaps to share and reminisce. Either way, thanks ever so much to all who came, saw and turned our day into a something memorable and worthwhile.

With sadness, the website that supported the event should now close. It's job is done and we hope that those of you who have returned here found what you needed. Before we go, we offer you the details of the people who made our little show happen. Where we were able to gather together hyperlinks to their domains, we include that information here.

Last of all, to our volunteer helpers - the team who manned the registration desks and whizzed about the centre of town with leaflets and flyers - guys, you know who you are and you should also know that your energy and enthusiasm is most precious and very deeply appreciated. Thank you!



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